Meniscal Root Repair



  • A meniscus root tear is a specific tear of the meniscus where it attaches to the tibia bone.
  • Loss of the attachment creates significant instability of the meniscus. The meniscus can extrude which means it gets squeezed in displaced from it natural position.
  • The loss of the root attachment renders the meniscus mechanically equivalent to a complete meniscectomy due to the abnormally high peak tibiofemoral contact pressures.
  • Loss of the root attachment impairs the ability of the meniscus to protect the joint.
  • This produces increased joint contact pressure and leads to rapid articular cartilage damage, subchondral bone edema and sometimes collapse.
  • Research demonstrates that root repair is superior to nonoperative treatment for selected patients.
  • A suture-passing device to create locking loop stitches the meniscus
  • A small diameter tunnel is drilled from the front of the tibia to the root attachment site.
  • The sutures controlling the meniscus root are shuttled and fixed on the anterior tibia provide strong fixation.